Cleared For Take Off – Well At Least More Steps

Uh this is your captain speaking. We are currently cruising the friendly skies at 35,00 feet, little turbulence and an air temperature of AWESOME.

See where I am going with this? Yes, I am getting better it seems. I had a family doctor appointment and a cardiologist appointment last week, and they were both great. The biggest issue was wax build up in my right ear. Considering where I was six weeks ago, I will take it.
More importantly, the heart has not caused me any issues. My two halter days showed perfection. The meds are doing what they are supposed to and my new diet is making a big difference.


Highlights from the 2 appointments:

  • No skin issues on my super white body.
  • Lungs sound great.
  • Heart beat is exactly what it should be.
  • A-Fib has stayed away.
  • My step count was pretty much unleashed. Cardio peeps want me up to 10k/day at least.
  • Will be getting scheduled for some rehab exercise to get monitored while running.
  • Had one of my meds taken away. One increased and one decreased. That’s pretty cool.
  • My heart team said it’s all because of the hard work I have been doing (diet, exercise etc.)

All in all, very positive.

The next hurdle is a CT scan at the end of September to see how the heart looks compared to how it was in July. Then they will know better if the cause has been removed.

I am still slowly losing pounds. Down to 206ish. I think I was last that weight in Grade 10.

I am also enjoying hearing from all of you who are now actually paying attention to what is eaten. That’s all I can ask for right. Awareness is the key. I’m looking at you DD.

So that’s my update. I feel very “normal” and not thinking about it anymore.

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Road trippin’ what what.

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