Better Call Dad – I Can Make It Happen!


In honour of one of my new favourite shows – Better Call Saul – I decided to make a list of all the things “dad” is called upon to do in our family. This is no way makes me out to be a super hero. If anything, it goes to show I do my best to be the glue that holds it all together.

Here are all the things (big and small) that cause the family to call dad.

  1. Pull apart Lego.
  2. Lift kids up or down stairs when they don’t want to walk.
  3. Make tea.
  4. Measure the right amount of pasta.
  5. To get more cereal.
  6. To get more milk.
  7. To fix the Internet.
  8. Anything to do with meat and fire.
  9. When the radio won’t work.
  10. Filling dehumidifiers.
  11. Inside outing shirts, pants and socks.
  12. Changing poopie diapers.
  13. Build Lego sets.
  14. Rebuild Lego sets.
  15. When toilet paper runs out (or is out of arm’s reach).
  16. Cutting food.
  17. Packing and unpacking car.
  18. When car seats become tangled.
  19. To clean up random pukes.
  20. Making fires.
  21. Moving or building furniture.
  22. Putting trucks back together.
  23. Figuring out why a Transformer won’t transform.
  24. Removing melted cheese that sticks out of the grilled cheese.
  25. Getting small children off the top bunk when they can’t climb down the ladder.
  26. Putting on snow pants.
  27. Pointing out the right foot for the right shoe.
  28. Backing up Mom on important decisions.
  29. Signing into anything with a password.
  30. Closing curtains that are really high.
  31. Snow shoveling.
  32. Salt spreading.
  33. Putting wheels back on.
  34. Did I say building Lego sets?
  35. Always there for hugs and support.
  36. Calming down one kid when they are both melting down.
  37. When the apple juice runs out and my juice is still there.
  38. When a laugh is needed.
  39. For book reading.
  40. Just when someone simply wants dad around.

Why do you call dad in your house?

**No moms were harmed in the making of this list.**