After Being Sick It’s Hard To Go Back To Life

Remember sick days as a kid? Sure, we all do. Not having to go to school, special treats and not having to go to school. For Charlie, he was home sick for two days this week and even though he is just in daycare, to him it’s school.

So it was without surprise that this morning, even though the fever had lifted, he was not very pleased about heading back to real life. No more home days with dad watching TV, playing cars, colouring on demand and long and cozy naps. Hell, I would be putting up a stink too.

But the truth was, it was time for Charlie to go back to life, back to reality.

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Every time he showed a glimpse of being content and happy, it was like the actor in him had to put on a display of sadness and disappointment.

The entire walk to school was silent other than a defiant “NO” to every question I asked him. It’s easy to tell when he is being difficult because normally he would never say no to the question of whether he liked trains. He loves trains.

That love of trains was clear over the two days he was squatting on the couch flip-flopping between Thomas and Chuggington on Netflix.

Let his school take on the grump and snap him back to reality. Let his friends sooth his mood to the point where he remembers that he really likes school. Trust me, he has more fun there than he does with me.

Besides, I needed a break. Here are some of my thoughts and experiences.

  • Every time I tried to do something, Charlie would stop watching his show and want to join me.
  • Every time I made him what he wanted to eat, he did not eat it.
  • I wanted my place on the couch back.
  • His “blankie” smelled like ass and I wanted it away from me.
  • Who knew changing out of jams was the end of the world.
  • Charlie now thinks chocolate milk is magic. Maybe it is the Tylenol mixed in.
  • The kid is getting way too heavy to carry around every where.
  • At least he announced when he had to pee. I carried him to the potty and pee happened.
  • The one amazing help to me was he actually slept great during his two days of sick.

No call from his school yet. Maybe he has turned his frown upside down? Maybe he is eating and having a great time? Who knows. All I do know is that he is not at home and life can return to normal……….until the next sick day which could very well be tomorrow.