A September to Remember

As we continue to roll down the hill known as summertime, all I can see at the bottom is busy. Most of it is a good busy, but it’s going to be busy nonetheless. September is a crazy time in general. Everyone is getting back into normal mode once Labour Day passes. Vacations are mostly over, kids are back to school, new TV shows start to pop up on screens and everyone is tired of the Olympics.


It’s a time of new everywhere and that is what is stoking most of the fires for our month.

Here are just a few of the events happening in September and even a few in October because, well it will all be a blur by then.

Tired of my crying yet?

Sept. 3rd – A family wedding just out of town. Thankfully, we are just guests and it’s not our own wedding. So that cuts down on the stress level. Can’t wait to see the bride and groom tie the knot and of course Harry showing off his dance moves. Great way to end the summer.

Sept. 6th – SCHOOL! New school for both boys. They will be starting at Parkdale Jr. and Sr. in JK and Grade 2 respectively. A Lot of change and new is ahead for all of us. New teachers, new building, new morning routine and no more full-time daycare! I bet the boys adjust quicker than mom and dad. Oh my God, Charlie is in school.

Sept. 19th – Harry’s birthday. Yes he is turning 7 and that means I can finally use all my favourite Seven references. What’s in the box etc. We also will be doing some kind of party that will take many hours of planning and many dollars of spending. But hey, the kid deserves it right? The tricky part we find each year is he has lost track of school friends from June and just met new school friends three weeks earlier.

Sept. 23rd – Season premiere of Shark Tank. Yep, can’t wait. September is a time to get the PVR all set up for hours and hours of TV enjoyment.

Sept. 29th – Jim Gaffigan. My wife got us tickets to see one of my fave comedians. HOT POCKETS! Can’t wait.

Oct. 3rd – Charlie’s birthday. Charlie is going to be 4. Again, a party? Let’s see if we survive Harry’s party from two weeks earlier. Oh wait, Charlie’s birthday may have to wait. Why? Keep reading.

Oct. 3rd – Adele. HELLO! It’s me. Yes we are going the concert event of the year on our son’s birthday. Call us bad parents. It’s ADELE! He will understand and if he doesn’t, oh well. His birthday can be pushed until the weekend. Oh wait, it’s turkey day. First Adele, then a turkey. I am sure Charlie will understand.

These dates are just what I know about. Throw in all the usual tasks of summer changing to fall and it’s gonna be a barn burner on Earnbridge. Nothing that can’t be handled I am sure.