A Change In The Force Is Coming

He sure does not look like a happy morning napper eh?

Charlie, I am your father. Please, don’t stop napping in the morning just yet. Stay on the dark side (meaning your room).

Yes, there’s change coming for this dad on parental leave. Slowly and surely, our baby boy, is starting to not enjoy or want his morning nap.

That has me cowering in the corner, daydreaming about having quiet breakfasts and having some time to myself each morning.

Charlie has never been as good a sleeper as our first boy. Hell, Harry still has a solid two hour nap each day and he is almost four. Yes, he loves and needs sleep.

Charlie, well he seems to enjoy being up a lot more.

Over the last few weeks, the morning nap, which is usually around two hours, has been becoming shorter and shorter. He does not go to sleep easy and fights it with all his might. Finally he crashes and sleeps for 45 minutes.

My wife has opened my eyes to the realization that his morning naps may be coming to an end.


I love morning naps. I love having my tea and breakfast in peace. I love having relaxing showers.

So if this rumour of no naps in the morning is true, it will shake the foundation that my parental leave days are built on.

I still have over two months to go.

Time for change I guess. It was bound to happen.

Some of you are probably laughing at me. Boo hoo, this guy has to spend more time with his kid and not his quiet time tea. Rough life guy.

Okay, yes, I get that. It is not the worst thing in the world. But Charlie and I have a good thing going here. A routine that is win, win for all.

Why break it up? Okay, fine, yes, he is growing up and soon won’t even be a baby.

Also, I hate change.

Mornings are going to be a lot more action packed very soon. Just one week of crawling has me feeling 10 years older than I am.

How is someone so small, so tiring? I am the grown up who can stay away for several hours at a time. Yet I feel I am losing to this little man.

This who situation is also a reminder that the baby is actually in charge of how the day plays out. I had blocked this out of my brain from our first kid and until now, was trying my best to be in charge.

Not working. Also funny that our kid’s name is Charles. Get it, Charles in Charge? Okay, if you don’t get that, you are too young to be reading my blog.

On the plus side, the removal of morning nap does make afternoon nap more of a sure thing and something that will be coveted by me every morning when I wake up.

“Man I am tired, only six hours until afternoon nap, let’s do this.”

This does not even take into consideration the two days I have both boys home. What am I to do with two of them up at 10 am? Thomas only works so much.

What am I getting all worked up about?

It will be good.

We can do more outings in the morning without a nap getting in the way. Yes, that is the way to sell it.

Bottom line, a change in the force is coming and I have to accept that there is nothing I can do but go with it.

The only problem is that it seems the more the kids stay awake, the more my body just wants to sleep.

I guess that is parenting right?