6 Months Clear – Let’s Drink?

Today marks 6 months to the day since I walked out of The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre in Toronto and went home after what seemed like months in a bed hooked up to all kinds of devices. That day will always stick with me. The smell of fresh air and the feeling of relief.


As most of you know, I was admitted for some pretty scary heart issues and remained in the hospital (UHN represent!) for almost 2 weeks. Amazing how things have changed since.


I had my 6 month check in with my cardio team and it was fitting that it was with “Dr. Nadia” as she will always be known. The doctor who helped me a great deal mentally and physically to get through to the other side. She was elated at seeing me for the first time since.


Today was a key milestone in the road to recovery. I had always known the 6 month mark was a big one. And it was.



The short story is, everything looks great and on the rise. The part of the heart that was running at 11% in July (BAD) is now up to 51% (GOOD). BTW, 55% is optimal.


The AFIB is offcially gone and hopefully never to return. The meds have been reduced slightly again and there was even talk of a day with no meds.


My fitness is better than it has been for a long time. My liquid restriction and sodium reduction are doing wonders. Basically weight is under control. Then, there is the topic of the drink. It’s now okay to have the odd adult beverage again. Yep I know. Hard to believe. The funny part is I was not even that excited as I don’t miss it. But I will not have any worry for having a drink when out or on at a special event. I’m looking at you gin.


I am not one for being super hyped, but today, I am certainly jumping up and down on the inside. I don’t even think about it anymore except when it’s pill time.


So yes, it has been a great day. A great 6 month reminder of where I was. For the family and myself, it was obviously a shitty time. But in the long run, it has had a number of positive effects (not just the lack of snoring since).


I will end with this note. I may only have changed because I had to. But I want to once again suggest everyone reevaluate your relationship with salt. It’s evil. I can’t believe the change it’s made in drastically reducing it in my life. The boys now track food labels and better understand how their body handles salt, sugar etc. If that was the only thing to come out of this, I would be elated.


Thanks to everyone who has checked in, asked me how I am, commented on my slimness, helped out when I was in the hosptial and in general just gave a crap. Means a lot.


That’s all for now. I don’t have another check up for 6 months, so hopefully you don’t have another update for quite some time.


Who knows what life will be like then. I will be a heart rehab graduate, H could be as tall as Katie and of course a Raptors championship parade could have just concluded.


Thanks everyone.