Reviewing Like A Dad – Greenwood Smokehouse


Reviewing like a dad will cover my favourite and not so favourite places, products and events based on my experiences. As a parent, it is always better to hear it from another parent, rather some person who has no idea what it is like to do anything with kids.

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Place: Greenwood Smokehouse

Location: 673 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

The 411: We first tried Greenwood Smokehouse for my birthday. It was a takeout meal and it was exceptional. I have a taste for BBQ and this food fit the bill. You knew you were in good hands once you entered the place and it smelled like actual smoke. We ordered the dry rubbed ribs and beans. Again, exceptional BBQ. The ribs were fall off the bone and had a great flavour. The beans, well you knew they were home-made. I have been trying to suck up to Greenwood Smokehouse on Twitter, hoping to get the recipe.

My family has since been back to eat in and they also were amazed. They had the wet ribs and enjoyed some beer with it. They said the atmosphere was great and the staff seemed to be having a good time.

Favourite thing: Those beans. They come in an environmental tub and the flavour is something you can only get from low and slow.

Least favourite thing: It’s not really their fault, but if you need to drive there to eat or pick up an order, parking is pain. I went down so many one-way streets looking for parking and I ended up illegally parking on Danforth to run in.

Kid friendly: Of course it is kid friendly. It is food you want to eat with your hands. Like I said, we had takeout, so that worked well. But if you wanted to eat in the restaurant, there was nothing that said, don’t bring your little ones here.

Cost: I found the price to be very doable. The only entrees are the ribs and a full rack goes for $18. Well worth the money. It’s not somewhere you are going to eat every day (I wish), but as a treat dinner, it totally falls into the weekly budget.

More information: Want to see for yourself? Check out Greenwood Smokehouse’s website for the menu, weekly specials and how to follow them on social media.