Day 56: The NBA Season Is Over, Let Summer Begin

The PL stands for Parental Leave, which I am currently doing for six months.

Another catch up day on the PL Daily. Yesterday was another long day thanks to the NBA and their need to start games so late. I was going to blog before the game but by the time the boys were asleep, it was time for me to hit the couch. No worries, I can remember most of what happened yesterday. I am not that old yet. The weather has finally changed over to summer with a great deal of sun and warmth. Charlie and I got our fill yesterday with a long trail walk and then more sun playing outside. Day 56 was pretty normal when looking at the big picture but I have to say, Charlie is gearing up for some big stuff. He is slowly starting to figure out how to move around and that will make for a lot of fun.

Yes, the NBA season is over. No I was not happy with the outcome. But the good news is no more nights of staying up until 1 am. My body says thank you for that.

On with the show.

Who: Harrison

Another day, another scuff on his body. He now has two large red marks on his lower back/hip area that look like skid marks or like something poked into him. Every day lifting up his shirt is an adventure. The kid has bruises all over his leg and a few marks on his face.  Is this the future of only having boys? Thankfully we have a big tube of polysporin or as we have to call it, tickle cream. His teacher at school says she just wants to put him in a bubble for a few days to fully heal.

Where: House entrance way

Why Charlie had his afternoon nap I finally de-winterized the front entrance way. No more boots, winter coats or dirt. It looks pretty darn clean. With summer starting today, I feel like I am behind on my spring cleaning. Then again, when you have two little kids and two pets, it is never really clean. Something you have to accept as a parent I guess.

Why: Bike riding after dinner

Last night Harry was pretty wound up. it was like he had an espresso or something. He was acting silly and running around the house after dinner. You know the scene, you can see something bad happening because of the surplus of energy that needs to get out. So I took Harry for a long bike ride after dinner. We went much further than usual and just as I figured, near the end, Harry looked at me and just said “I’m done”. It was like he was crashing from a sugar rush running out. He also had a pretty good sleep so the after dinner exercise seems to be a great trick for happy nights.

What: Green couch

After four years I dug out the old couch cover and now it is all clean and green. The blue one needed a clean and a break from baby spit up, animal smell and crumbs from snacks. It looks really good and I find it amazing how one little change can make the room look new again.

Photo of the Day

What a face.

From the Internet

Prison Planet  – 32 Facts That Show How Men Are Being Systematically Emasculated In America Today

Sadly, the message that our young men are getting from our television shows and our movies is that men are idiots. Instead of being portrayed as leaders that are eager to get married and raise strong families, young men are often being portrayed as passive slackers that love to party and chase women.

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