100 Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer In Toronto

Summer in toronto

Every year I secretly look forward to a list that Sarah over at Solo Mom Takes Flight does. Basically she plans out my summer for me when it comes to entertaining the kids. Well it dropped finally and I love it. But after reading it, I had a lot of my own suggestions that did not make her list, so, I figured, let’s go for 100.

Don’t get me wrong, so many of Sarah’s ideas are great and if you follow her on Instagram, you know she loves visiting every part of Toronto. I can only strive to do the same.

Every thing she suggested made me think of a few more. I started remembering when I had the kids all summer a few years ago and all the places we went. It’s exciting.

Toronto is such a great city, especially in the summer. You never have to leave. You can find something fun to do every day and in all price ranges.

So, thanks for the inspiration Sarah. Please visit her blog and read about where in the world she is with her kids.

100 Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer in Toronto

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Never Stop The Madness

March! I love it. The weather changes, the days get longer and there is this little basketball tournament that takes over my life. We all know it as March Madness, and I hope it never stops.

I tested my brain the other day and tried to remember as far back as I could on what year I started watching. This is going to really age me, but I got back as far as 1986. Louisville won it all and I was hooked for the next 30 years and counting. Yes, when the tourney fires up this week, it will be my 30th watching on TV.

So many highs and lows. I have seen my team, Michigan, win once and lose a handful of times in dramatic fashion. The players come and go, but the name on the front of the jersey stays true.


There is no other sporting event like it. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can get wrapped up into buzzer beaters and upsets. You don’t have to know anything about the sport or the players, all you need is a heart.

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Thank You Daylight Savings Time

Man it’s dark in the morning now eh? Even though it happens every year, you forget how hard it is to get out of bed when it’s still dark. But as a grown up, you reason with yourself by thinking, well at least it is lighter out later in the day.

But kids? Nope. They don’t give a shit.

Here is what I found this morning when I pulled the blanket off Charlie.


I get it. It’s hard to wake up without some natural light peaking through the blind. But the time is the same. Life moves on. Breakfast must be eaten.

I am right there with you bud. I want to keep sleeping too, but this is how we live.

Dear 6-Year Old Self, It’s Me, Present Day Self

This is a throwback blog post as I attempt to write to myself when I was 6.  No time machine or app or streaming service to make it easier. If you get lost in 1980, enjoy the Miracle on Ice. So to summarize, 2016 Michael is writing to 1980 Michael. Hope this doesn’t hurt your brain. Also, selfies did not exist.

Hello, it’s me.

Hello, can you hear me?
I’m in Corunna dreaming about who we used to be
When we were younger and free
I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet

Untitled design

Hey, you are 6, you have no idea what that quote was. Most likely you can’t even read it. But if you are like my current 6-year old, you are giving a good try. Yes, I have a 6-year old. Hard to believe right? The scary thing is, he is a mini-me (us). He is taller than average, silly and already understands sarcasm a bit. He is shy on the outside, but chatty once you get to know him. You don’t know this yes, but that is you (me). Wow confusing. I would drop a Lost reference, but you won’t get it.

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