With School Over, I Can Now Just Blend In

What does that mean? Blend in? Do I want to vanish in a crowd? Well, sort of.

You see, one of the things I have noticed since becoming a temporary stay at home dad, is the looks I get when I am out walking the baby in the SUV of a stroller.

If there were thought bubbles over people’s heads, I would probably read things like this:

  • Oh look at that, he must be unemployed.
  • Where is the mom I wonder?
  • Blogger?
  • Does he know it is really sunny out? I  hope that baby has sunscreen on.
  • I wonder if I should help him?
  • Is that Conan O’Brien (okay I stretched it there).

Now, this might seem a little over the top but you don’t see the faces. I also want to mention that these looks are not that common but I would say I get at least one of them per day depending on where I walk.

I would imagine it just seems unnatural for people to see a dad pushing a stroller to a park on a Tuesday morning in May. I also have these same thought bubbles any time I go to a busy store on a weekday morning and it is packed. I always think to myself, “what do these people do?”

Thankfully now that school is out for the most part, I can blend in much easier. Now I am just a teacher who is off for the summer taking care of the baby.

During the summer months, there are so many other reasons that make sense for a guy pushing a stroller around on his own that the looks and thought bubbles stop.

Have any other dads felt this when they are out with the kids?

Or maybe I am way off base and they are just staring because I am 6’5 and it looks amusing to them? Who knows.

Regardless, it is fun playing the role of a teacher off for the summer.

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  1. Creed

    Well said. I get the look when I walk around the block alone with the baby strapped to my chest. Like, “where is his wife? Did he steal that baby?”

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