What Dads Are Saying About The 2012-13 NBA Finals

On June 6th, the NBA Finals will begin. This season it has come down to two different versions of “The Big Three”, with both having at least one title under their belts.

For the San Antonio Spurs, they are gunning for their fourth title and would pretty much lock up the team of the last decade.

The Miami Heat are looking for their third title overall and the second in the LeBron James era.

The story lines are great. The old guard making one last run, against the team that was built simply to win.

I personally dislike the Heat. I hate the way they came together. I hate the way league seems to give them different rules. I hate the fact that Mike Miller looks like a broken down woman.

I am not that big a fan of the Spurs either. But that is only because they always win. As a team, they are the blue print every one should follow.

I asked some of my fellow dad bloggers and the overall feeling is they think the Heat are going to take it.

I made a prediction the Spurs will win in six games. That was being kind. I think Tony Parker is going to kill the Heat and make it a very short series.

Welcome to Boltonshire, a dad blog, is from San Antonio, so you know who they are picking. Β A win in six games to be exact.

In fact, there were only a few other blog to join me in picking the Spurs.

A Ramblin’ Dad’s Blog picked the Spurs in seven.

Everyone is drinking the LeBron Koolaid.

Chris at Canadian Dad Blog is going Heat, with Miami winning in six games. Chris Bosh likes that one. I am not sure they can clinch it on the Spurs home floor, but we will see.

Other comments included:

Ricky Shetty of DaddyBlogger, is going for the full seven with Miami taking it. Hmm I wonder if D-Wade’s knee will make it?

Finally two other dad bloggers weighed in with a little more skepticism about the whole event.

  • Miami in 5. Lebron has too much endorsement money on the line to fail.
  • I’ve convinced myself the NBA Finals aren’t really happening because LeBron and the Heat are all that is wrong with sports today.

All in all, I think the dads are too busy being dads to really care about what a bunch of millionaires are doing with a basketball.

This dad loves the NBA and the downside to the Finals for me is that I have to wait until 10 pm local time to see the broadcast even start.

When you have two little boys, that makes you choose between the sport you love to watch, and sleep. Sleep is always going to win that game of one on one my friends.