Video: Disney Movie Planes Trailer

Well played Disney, well played. Just as kids are getting bored of Lightning McQueen, Mator and the other Cars, you bring out a new kind of crack.


It only took our son about five seconds of seeing the trailer to decide he was on board for everything. The movie, the toys, the merchandise and the new friends.

Here is the trailer that we have now watched 6,678 times.


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Yes Planes takes off on August 9th and that day can’t come fast enough.

Our son now will simply watch the moving planes on the front page of the official Planes website forever. They are not moving, but he will sit there hoping that they do.

The good news is this movie is perfect to be a theatre movie for Harrison. He has not had a big sound, big screen experience since he was part of a mom and baby movie.

This will be his first. The only question that remains, is which parent will be taking him.

So with Cars and Planes done, what is next?

Boats? Trains? Lawnmowers?

I personally would vote for Boats. How awesome would a submarine with Sean Connery’s voice be?

Besides, Thomas has ruined trains for many years.

Will you be seeing Planes with your kids this summer?


  1. Laura

    Really looking forward to taking the kids to see this. It looks adorable. Thanks for the peek. It’s so expensive anymore that I almost never go to the theater without seeing the trailers first. I just came across this post of the top 5 for the week that I thought was kind of interesting: Shocked it wasn’t on the list.. it’s at the top of ours! Thanks again.

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