Transformers Fan Built Bot Poll: New, Final Voting Now Taking Place!


Fans Helped Design a New Transformers Character…Now They Must Help Name It and More!

The first round of voting is complete in the Fan Built Bot poll, which for the first time in history allows fans of the Hasbro, Inc. TRANSFORMERS brand to help create a new TRANSFORMERS character that will be forever added to the TRANSFORMERS world. In anticipation of the TRANSFORMERS’ brand 30th anniversary in 2014, the “Fan Built Bot” Poll now enters its second and final voting phase, allowing fans to select the Fan Built TRANSFORMERS character’s name, gender, origin and specialty!

Hasbro’s designers are busy reviewing the fan choices from the first phase of the poll and designing the visual look of the new TRANSFORMERS character that will be introduced into the brand’s rich lore, and will be produced as an action figure in next year’s “TRANSFORMERS Thrilling 30” anniversary line. Voting on the four new questions begins today at TRANSFORMERS.COM/vote, and fans are encouraged to vote every day until this round of polling closes on May 17th.

The results of both rounds of the poll will be announced by Hasbro at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego, as part of the official kick-off to Hasbro’s TRANSFORMERS “Thrilling 30” anniversary celebration. While results of the first round of voting are a tightly held secret, a careful reading of Round 2’s questions may provide some hints. “We’re not prepared to say which alt-mode won the polling in round one,” said Jay Duke, vice president of the TRANSFORMERS brand at Hasbro. “But a close reading of the name choices may provide a hint at what we’re designing. Stay tuned to find out more!”

For further information visit the official polling page at TRANSFORMERS.COM/vote as well as the TRANSFORMERS Facebook page at