Toronto Meets Minecraft

Over the last several weeks our home has become Minecraft land. Both boys are really into it and it all started really with the purchase of an Xbox One s. From there it has spawned to watching Youtube videos, wearing t-shirts and drawing photos of what they want to build next.

So then I stumbled upon this cool Instagram account that is 100% of pictures and videos of a guy who builds Toronto landmarks in Mindcraft.

Harry’s mind will be blown.

To see more of these, check out the Instagram account. I wonder if he takes requests?

Maybe something Parkdale related?

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  1. Karen Monna

    A friend plays mine craft with his daughter. They met at a virtual Christmas tree & exchanged gifts. He gave her a tool box full of supplies he collected for her to use in the game. A great way to keep in touch with each other over long distances. Have fun. Play on.

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