Top Mobiles For Gaming

Fans of online gaming like the variety they have in regards to the devices they may purchase to access online gaming.

Mobile phones are becoming top choices for gaming on the go. Given the large number of mobile gamers, online sites have responded by tailoring their product to the top operating systems. One of these is the Android operating system. Designed by Google, many of the mobile phones using this system are ideal for gaming.

For those on a budget (I’m looking at you parents), the best gaming phone would be the Moto G designed by the minds at Motorola.

What it lacks in price it more than satisfies in regards to quality. The screen is excellent and very pleasing to games. While the device comes installed with the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean version, it is soon to be upgraded to the current version of Android, the 4.4 KitKat.

The device is limited on storage, however if gaming online this shouldn’t be an issue. Many online casino sites have their product within a browser that requires no downloading and installation.

Also for budget minded gamers, the HTC Desire 500 is a good selection. With a Qualcomm quad core Snapdragon processor, this device can keep up with the most demanding gaming software.

If price isn’t an issue then the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a top gaming phone, especially for playing games like roulette or poker.

The device does come with a stylus that many gamers like for the purpose of gaming. While it is true that you can always purchase this accessory later, the Galaxy Note 3 is special in that it has a special compartment for storing the stylus.

Gamers on the go will appreciate this attention to detail, especially when playing sites like

Another Samsung phone well liked for gaming is the Galaxy S4. With its fast processor and nice sized display screen, this device is another model worthy of gamers.

I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and, although not a huge gamer, I love playing card games and shooting games on my phone. The big screen is great and I have to say, I play a lot more games on my phone now than I used to on my BlackBerry.

Playing games on your phone is ideal when you are a dad. You can hide it and not let the kids know you are gaming. I usually have the volume off and just say I am checking email. Yep, I am a bad parent.