Top Excuses Our Kids Say To Get Out Of Going To Bed

That time the Jays won and we wore the same pjs. #okbluejays

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Recently Netflix launched these new shorts to help parents fight the epidemic of kids trying to prolong bedtime. The whole concept is #5MoreMinutes, so they made 5 minute long TV shows featuring the Dinotrux.

That got me thinking of all the crazy and outlandish excuses our boys use to try to get out of bed time and extend their day just a little longer. Thanks to these Netflix shorts, when we say, just one more show, we now know it won’t cut into our heavenly parenting time where we pass out on the couch or sit in complete and spectacular silence.

Here are just some of the excuses we have heard in our house when it’s time for bed.

  1. (screaming) Oh man but I did not even get to do anything yet.
  2. (screaming) But I hardly got to watch any TV all day (as they watch TV).
  3. My head is not ready for sleep.
  4. I will miss you.
  5. Can I have some chicken?
  6. (screaming) Crying, crying and yelling words that don’t even exist.
  7. Not fair! I did not even have time to ____________. This rotates.
  8. Can I just watch until the commercial? Oh, oh, I love this commercial. It’s not over yet.
  9. Can I stay up until the inning is over? (this was during Blue Jays madness. Some innings really pushed into the night.)
  10. Not fair. Why do you get to stay up?
  11. But that was not a very long book.
  12. My head feels too crazy to sleep. Can I watch more TV?
  13. But I did not get to watch TV yet. (After playing iPad for 2o minutes).
  14. Did we even have dinner yet?
  15. Can I sleep on the couch? (while TV is on).

I am sure there are more and even more silly, I just can’t recall them right now. What about your kids? How do they stall and avoid going to bed when the clock strikes sleepy time? We  have not tried the short episodes of Dinotrux yet on our boys but I plan to soon. Right now it’s not so much getting them to stop watching a cartoon, it’s more about keeping them on point and not swaying off course with one of their crazy excuses. Stay strong parents. You are the parents. Just turn it off and tell them to go.


If I were to guess what our kids would say when they watch a 5 minute show as their last show, they would probably say:

  • Dad, is Netflix broken? That show was really short.

They really know just how long 22 minutes is thanks to Netflix.

Until next month.

Do leave some of your fave excuses in the comments.

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