Top 5 Shows Our Kids Are Watching


TV and kids. You want to avoid it, but at the end of the day, it’s going to happen (unless you don’t have a TV).

So it becomes the parent who has to decide what is best for the kids to watch. You want to find the right mix of entertainment and education. It can be tricky that’s for sure.

Our boys get a few hours of TV over the course of a day and we are okay with that. It gives us a chance to get dinner ready or have a sanity break.

Here are the Top 5 shows are kids are watching these days.

1. The Magic School Bus (TVO)

Every day after school this is a staple in our house. It’s a little creepy to me, but educational and fun for the boys. Ms. Frizzle sure has lasted a long time.

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2. Dino Dan (TVO)

A new addition thanks to the wonderful world of PVR. We record these and our oldest watches it before bed. It’s also cool that it is shot in Toronto.

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3. Dinosaur Train (TVO)

This is all about our youngest. Each morning after we do the school drop off, we come home and watch a crazy adventure of Dinosaur train before moving on with our day. The theme song is worth it all by itself.

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4. Voltron (Netflix)

Okay, not much education going on here. This one is pure entertainment. Our oldest loves Voltron. It is also cool that I watched this cartoon as a kid a well.

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5. Arthur (TVO)

Finally, another TVO hit, Arthur. I tend to be caught humming “What a wonderful kind of day” as I do laundry. This show is great because both kids love it. It seems to span ages and has a lot of good in it. It’s also nice because we have the books and it stimulates interest that way as well.

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So what are your kids watching? Got a show to recommend? Leave it in the comments or on Facebook.