Top 10 Worst Dads on TV

Wondering what makes up a good dad?

Well TV is not always the best place to get your tips. We have  highlighted some dads you can currently watch on TV who would not be ideal role models.

Top 10 Worst Dads On TV 

Frank Gallagher – Shameless

Easily one of the worst. But that is what makes him great and even loved by fans. The show essentially centers around a group of kids raising themselves because the father is too busy getting blackout drunk and pissing himself every day and/or night. Frank’s lowest moment came when he slept with his son’s girlfriend because he was high on painkillers and booze. Just when you think Frank can’t possibly go there, he does. We hope to God, this character is 100% fiction because it would be scary to think a dad like this exists for real.

Peter Russo – House of Cards

So, this account is only based on the early episodes because that is all we have seen. But it is pretty clear he does not become the greatest dad ever by the end of the season. He means well when his kids are around, but he did leave them alone once and anyone who does that much drugs and screws around, well, not an ideal candidate for good TV dad.

Don Draper – Mad Men

Don Draper is successful. Don Draper is handsome. Don Draper provides for his family. Don Draper is not Don Draper’s real name. Don Draper is not a faithful husbands. Don Draper left his kids with crazy wife Betty. You may think you want to be Don Draper, but really, you don’t. But we can’t throw him under the bus too bad, this is how being a dad was done during that time period. So, in that sense, he nails it.

Arlo Givens -Justified

Funny, Arlo made our favorite TV dad list as well. He’s a criminal and his son is a U.S. Marshall. You’d think something would give and Arlo would not get messed up in his son’s affairs, but he does. His botched robbery gets Raylan’s Aunt Hellen killed. Not that Raylan deserves son of the year, but Arlo has raised a gun to his boy with intent to kill. Again, this is a dad you don’t want to take life lessons from, unless you are looking for a quick score.

Walter White – Breaking Bad

After season 1 and possibly after season 2, Walter might not make this list. But after season 3, he qualifies and could even be on top. He started out so noble and fatherly. He was going to sell meth to make sure his family was provided for, but then he was struck with the disease of wanting to be King Shit. When is it going to be enough, Walt? Three million? 30 million? Until everyone dies? You’ve driven your wife into the arms of a dude named Ted. Even your own crew hates you. The only bonus points Walt gets is he buys his boy a kick-ass car with the drug money.

Dexter Morgan – Dexter

Dexter tries, he really does. He means well by kids, but let’s not call him a saint by any means. He’s a serial killer. Serial killers can’t make good dads. That is in the bible or something. To his credit, the wife and kids are a little annoying, so at least he has his night job to relieve some stress.

Joe Carroll – The Following

Again, serial killers don’t make for good dads. In this situation, kidnapping, plotting against the world and trying to recreate a love lost is part of Joe’s deal. He has touching moments wanting his wife and kid back in his life but it is all for his book and not his heart. Many look up to him as a dad figure, but don’t be fooled. In the end, he will sell out anyone who does not fit into his plans.

Walt Miller – New Girl

If you have not watched Season 2 yet, spoiler alert, Walt died. But while alive he was not the best of dads. Nick is one complicated fellow and a lot of it stems with his relationship with his dad. Walt tried to con Jess and bought Nick and Winston prostitutes. Cool dad maybe, but only on TV.

Tywin Lannister – Game of Thrones

No TV list is complete without a member from Game of Thrones. The old man staged a rape and let his son Tyrion think he was saving a woman so he could finally get laid. Then to prove she was a whore, he made his son watch her bang hundreds of soldiers. Yeah that’s not going to get you on any “Dad of the Year” lists. Recently he has decided his kids need to marry into families they don’t want to just to keep things in good standing. Nothing surprises us when it comes to Daddy Tywin.

Alan Harper – Two And A Half Men

Maybe the biggest loser dad there is. But he seems to keep moving forward when he links himself to guys who have it all. We have watched Jake grow up on this show and I can only imagine how much more normal he would have been if Charlie was actually his dad.

There you have it, 10 dads that are not exactly the dictionary version of a good dad.

Who do you think are the worst dads on TV today? Who did we miss?