To The Edge & Beyond In Your Living Room #StreamTeam


Last summer, one of the best movies we watched with Harrison was How To Train Your Dragon. It had a little bit of everything for the whole family. Dragons, comedy, adventure and of course the story of a boy and his dragon. It was a hit.

Later we watched How To Train Your Dragon 2, again, it was a hit.

So, we were all thrilled when Netflix released an all-new original series called Dragons: Race to the Edge. Basically it’s a series all about Hiccup and Toothless. The cool part, this time around, Charlie was totally into dragons, flying and fun adventure.

The boys were ready to go to the edge and beyond with this show and that was before the fun package came in the mail from Netflix.

The kit that we received had all kinds of cool items to add to the experience. Chips that were called dragon teeth, a map to show where everything was happening and even a cozy blanket to curl up in. Yes, the blanket was not used as the Toronto weather has been hot, hot, hot.

I watched the first episode with the boys, but after that, they took off flying without me. Toothless of course is their favourite. All the old How To Train Your Dragon toys have come back out of the box and the boys argue over who gets the old Dragon cup for their meals.

Branding wins in our house for sure.

The box of goodies is not as popular now that we are done the series. But the giant box with the picture on it still gets a lot of use. It’s the place they throw all their toys when we want to clean up the living room. All the toys go in the dragon box right daddy, says Charlie.

Even if you have never seen How To Train Your Dragon, you will quickly get into the adventure shared in Dragons: Race to the Edge. Your kids will certainly be on the edge of their seat as flying dragons are pretty much the coolest.

We do our best to keep the kids busy and active in the summer, but after a lot of playing in the heat, our boys love to chill out with some Netflix time.

Other shows we have watched to continue our summer adventure include the Adventures of Puss And Boots. Harry likes the pirate theme and the talking cat.

The boys have also been on a real Minions kick the last few weeks. So it’s great that Netflix as the first Despicable Me to watch. We have watched it over and over.

I like to look over the kids and family section of Netflix and plan other movies I would love to show the boys once they are older.

On in particular would be Goonies. That was a classic from my childhood and I think the boys would like the adventure aspect. Maybe in a few years.


Well that’s all for this month from the Netflix side of things. I really can’t imagine how we would get on with it. Harry even knows how to work it on his own, so we are thankful that he has his own section that is rated for his age.

What are you watching on Netflix with your kids this summer?