Tips To Keep Your Home More Secure This Spring

As a big shot parent blogger (I wish), I get sent a lot of pitches, news releases and other communication about all kinds of products and companies. I generally don’t get involved because for me it has to tie into the content of this blog. You would laugh at some of the emails I get. Really, C-section cream?

Today I got one from Weiser Home Security and it was a good example of mixing valuable tips into a product sell.

Good enough that I am going to share the release.

With two young boys it is hard to teach them about security because you don’t want them to become afraid of the world around them. It’s not as simple as it was. While you want to let the kids run free outside, there are so many other dangerous factors to consider.  Toronto has busy streets full of people 24/7, so pointing out tips to your kids as they grow can only be a benefit.

I learned from my parents to always leave a light on when you are out, or make your home look occupied when you are away for a few days.

Tips to keep your home more secure this spring

TORONTO – Spring is all about having fun, relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, but it’s also important to ensure that your house is secure at all times.

Whether you’re gardening, playing in the backyard with the kids, going for a walk or heading out for a weekend at the cottage, there are several things to remember when it comes to keeping your home safe.

“Burglars are aware that Canadians spend more time away from their house and travel throughout the spring, so it’s crucial to make sure your home is not left vulnerable to break-ins,” said Steve Kolobaric, Marketing Manager, Weiser. “A few proactive steps can make the difference between your home being at risk to unwanted intruders or being passed by.”

According to Weiser, a leader in innovative and secure door hardware, some of the steps you can take include:

Keep your doors locked – You might be inclined to leave your doors and windows open during hot summer days, but this allows would-be burglars to enter your home with zerodifficulty. In fact, many break-ins are through an unlocked door. The easiest way to stop them is to simply keep your doors locked all year long.

Make it appear you’re home – Before choosing a target, thieves will often observe homes during the day and evening to see if anyone is around. Even if you’re away, make it seem as if someone is there. Leave a car in the driveway, use timers to turn on lights, TV or radios, put a vacation stop on your newspaper subscription and keep your yard clean.

Create natural defenses – If you’re landscaping this year, consider ways to work in natural defenses for your home. This can include thorny bushes under windows, fences with locking gates, yard lighting and much more. Think like a burglar and strengthen any weak spots. If your home looks like it’s a hard target, a burglar is more likely to move on.

Ask a neighbour to check in – If you’re leaving for summer vacation, notify a trusted neighbour and ask them to keep a watch on your home. For extended periods, ask them to check your mail, cut your lawn and even check on the inside of your home. Weiser’s Kevo lockset makes it easy to grant access to friends, family and neighbours, as it uses Bluetooth technology that allows you to authorize smartphones to act as the key, while also being able to quickly de-authorize them.

New lockset to ease worries – Whether you’ve just moved into a new house or have been living there for several years, installing a new lockset is one way to ensure no unwelcome people have a key to your home. A Weiser SmartCode keyless entry system or a Weiser Smartkey, which lets you easily rekey your lock anytime,allows you to control who enters your home and when.

Padlock any valuable or vulnerable items – If there are any rooms, closets or containers in your home that hold valuable items, be extra cautious by locking them with a heavy-duty padlock or in a safe secured to the floor. If a burglar does manage to enter your home, this extra step can deter him or her from spending moretime inside your house and help prevent further loss. To make everything easier, Weiser’s SmartKey Padlock uses the same key as your SmartKey front door lockset so you don’t have to be stuck with dozens of different keys.

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