Time To Scrap The Following

Republican U.S. presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump speaks during the Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada December 15, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Blake - RTX1YVD0

All week I have been reading about Donald J. Trump scrapping this and scrapping that as he prepares to become the leader of the free world. To me it seems like he is getting rid of things just because he can and there is no reason other than it’s change.

Whether it is trade relations, climate research, immigrants living in the country or so many other actual issues, Trump is just chomping at the bit to flush it all down the toilet, which probably leads to the swamp he said he would drain.

It doesn’t need to make sense. It doesn’t need to make things better. It just has to be filed under change.

So in honour of Mr. Trump and his scrapping ways, I wanted to share a list full of things that I would scrap if I could even if they are important. Buckle up, this post is going to be HUGE.

10 Things I Would Scrap If I Could

Lunch Meat Packages

Holy shit, how have they not made lunch meat packages that allow you to properly seal the meat once you open it. So many fails on this. It’s frustrating to always get that hard piece of ham after a week.


Parents tend to bitch about LEGO on the floor. Playdoh is worse. It smushes into everything. Stop giving our kids Playdoh.

The Show Chopped

RAGE. I want to watch cooking shows again. Not 24 hours of Chopped, Chopped Canada, Kids Chopped, Chopped Chopped, Pets Chopped…….TOO MUCH CHOPPED.


Electrical Cords

Again, it is 2016, why do we still have wires?

Shitty Zippers

Got a kid? Do they have a coat? You know what I am saying. They last for like a week.


Let’s run a script to rid the world of these things. Tired of all my feeds full of people’s faces. Let’s go back to when you had to get someone to take a photo of you.

Giant Backpacks

I look around on the TTC at these people with hulking backpacks and wonder, are you going off to war? Climbing a mountain? WHY do you have such a giant backpack hitting us all? It’s time to question what you leave the house with.

TVs Over the Fire Place

Hate, hate, hate this trend. Why would I want to sit in front of a fire and look up in the sky to watch TV? Also, you are all wrecking your TV doing this. I blame HGTV.

LeBron James

Scrapping this guy is the only way I see my Raptors in the NBA Finals, so it’s pretty selfish. I mean he already has his Cleveland title, it’s time to go away.

In Bathroom Discussion

This is more for public or office bathrooms. Never, ever talk to me in there. I don’t want to know you until I walk out that door. There is not chit-chat that can be okay in that domain. Ladies, I will keep it for you.

There you go, those are 10 things I would scrap if I could.

What’s one thing you would scrap?

Oh wait, just wanted to add one more. Donald J. Trump of course. Hope he does not try to scrap this blog post.


  1. Asshole coaches.
    Greg Popovich and Bill Belichik for starters. Are coaches’ PR duties onerous and/or vacuous? Sometimes. But – do they not know who pays their salaries? TV networks that’s who. If the network tells you to roam the sidelines in a speedo – you do it or get the f out. Somebody needs to go Ned Beatty (in the movie Network) on their asses. (Is the Network relate too deep?)

  2. Not a direct analogy of course, but I would love for somebody to read the riot act to these two.

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