Time To Dad Up For A Few Days


So I am a lone wolf for a few days on the parenting front. My wife is out of town for work and that means it is just me and the monsters, I mean boys.

Am I worried? Not in the slightest. I am actually looking forward to it.

The key – rolling with whatever happens.

It’s just two days, but I will be happy when my partner in crime returns.

There are some variables already being thrown my way.

First, our little guy is riding the temperature train. Up and down, up and down. Will he stay at school? Won’t he? It is as dramatic as one of the buzzer beater games from the weekend of March Madness.

Second, our region is supposed to get the mother of all snow dumps tomorrow. Yay!

To start, I doing the work thing all day then picking up the boys.

A fun dinner is planned and I am sure we will get up to some kind of playing to keep both kids content.

I will do my best to share my two-day experience with you, but if I don’t get to a computer, it is because I have been tied up and the boys are ruling the nest.

Wish me luck.