The Brotherhood Of The Shrinking Pants


When you see your kids every day, it’s really hard to notice their changes and overall growth. But for those who don’t see them very often, it is crystal clear.

Looking at older photos helps, you catch a glimpse of a new face or longer hair, but it’s hard to keep track just by staring your sons or daughters in the eye.

For me, I keep track of their growth in particular by the length of their pants. And for both our boys, they are stars in their own movie called The Brotherhood of the Shrinking Pants.

We can’t keep up. We have two legitimate weeds growing in our house. Weeds that I will never pull.

Harrison is the leader. He is going on six and is a tall drink of water. He is a clone of myself for sure. I was 6’5 at the age of 12. He is going to beat that.

Charlie, he is gaining ground and leaving hand-me-down clothes in the dust. Another several months and we will just be able to throw everything in one pile. Makes it easy at least.

Clothes that were too big for Harrison at Christmas, now fit fine. As the one who does most of the dressing and clothes management, I have had to do a purge more than a few times already in 2015. It’s hard to keep up.

Pants that Harrison would wear forever, now are too short. Pants that used to fit Charlie like a glove, now you can’t even get over his hips.

They are growing so fast. The pants can’t keep up. The good news for us, as we never seem to get out to do shopping for new clothes, is that summer is almost here.

The perfect solution for pants that are too short or pants that are too small would be shorts. We are almost to the point where all the pants go away for a summer vacation. For all of Harrison’s pants, they will no doubt be Charlie’s by fall.

I just can’t get over how much they are growing in height and weight. I thought we had longer before leaving the world of sizes two-six. Now I have to learn what a boy’s small is.

I know from experience how hard it is to find pants that you like and that fit. I spent a lot of my childhood wearing track pants. They were the easiest. Harrison is already following that trend.

So to all of the pants in the drawer that thought they would have a longer life, sorry. You are just extras on this movie set. The Brotherhood of the Shrinking Pants is going to have many sequels and a high turnover of clothing.

Where Do You Buy Pants For Your Kids?

For us, we hate to spend a lot on pants that are going to get worn out in a matter of months. We tend to shop for pants at:

Old Navy
Value Village
Children’s Place

How about you? Any tips?