My First Trip To Canada’s Wonderland As A Parent


For those of my generation, if you grew up in Canada, you knew what Canada’s Wonderland was. Even if you have never been, you knew the commercials that showcased people having a blast riding roller coasters and eating cotton candy.

My first trip to the amusement park was over 25 years ago. I remember it because it was the first summer for the white water rafting ride and we waited over three hours to get on it. I think this is where I first learned that lines sucked.

Anyways, since moving back to Toronto, I knew the time would come that we would return, but this time as parents.

Video: Invites You To Their Islands of Paradise

In Halifax, we are starting to get the cold weather. In fact last night we had some windy weather that had me wishing for a vacation.

Well I’m happy to offer you a glimpse of an escape. I won’t be going but one can dream right.?

Check out these very descriptive videos from Go Hawaii that will give you  a taste of how you might be able to escape this winter. Weather is changing, might as well head for Hawaii.

It’s a nice way to treat to yourself to a little virtual sand and surf if you’re trapped at your desk or spending way too much time at home with the kids.

Check out to learn more about different adventures you can take on the islands.

Want to get to know the islands better? These videos will warm you right up.

White Point Beach Resort – Ideal For Vacationing With Kids


Have you heard of White Point Beach Resort? If you live in Nova Scotia, you sure have. It is a treasure that is a must for everyone to visit one day.

The resort is a beautiful place located on the south shore of Nova Scotia, right on the Atlantic Ocean.

It is the perfect place for weddings, company events, beach outings and of course vacations.

But what about if you are vacationing with kids?

No problem, it is the perfect place to go for both the parents and the kids.

We ended the summer of 2013 there over the long weekend and had a blast. The rebuilt main lodge was amazing, the staff was top-notch and our accommodations were unbelievable.