Holiday Gift Ideas for the Kids

I know it’s hard to believe, but the holiday shopping season is here and if you blink you will have missed out on the hottest toys that your kids desire. In our house, we leave the important gifts to Santa, but just in case, we do like to have a few things in the bag.
Recently I was sent a few toys that are marked as “what the kids want” for this Christmas and I want to share them. Don’t worry, we fully tested them out and our boys really liked them and said they would like more. Did you hear that Santa?

Thanks to ChizComm for kindly sending us a few toys to review.

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Review – Mattell #BOOMcoBLAST Rapid Madness Blaster

Is there anything more fun for kids than toy guns? They have come so far since I was little. Nerf has always been the big player in toy guns, and now Mattell is jumping into the mix with their BOOMco line of toys.

Before I start, for those who know me, I have always been against toy guns, in particular, the ones that shoot darts or any kind of bullets. I got hit in the face as a kid and it hurt, so that kind of set me for life.

So when I was contacted to review the BOOMco Rapid Madness Blaster, I was torn. The dad blogger in me was all in, picturing the fun I would have with the boys. But the parent in me was a little against bringing weapons into the house.

So I decided to accept the toys, test and review and use the opportunity as a learning experience for the boys.

I have to say, when the very cool box from BOOMco arrived, I was a little kid again.

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Halikids – Halifax’s Local Toy Shop The Kids Will Love


With two little boys, we are constantly surrounded and even sometimes buried in toys. When you have kids, there are going to be bins and containers full of toys taking up valuable space in your house. That is a given.

As parents, we do our best to manage the toys that make it into the house and the ones that get sent to toy heaven (the garage). On top of buying our own toys, there are gifts, freebies from the curb and of course all those little marketing toys that find us via Happy Meals and SWAG bags.

Living in what many consider the “burbs” of Halifax, we are mostly stuck going to Walmart and the many other big box stores to buy new toys, games and puzzles.

But where do you shop for toys if you want to support local business, while going back in time to get that mom and pop like feel?

Well, if you are in downtown Halifax, I would like to nominate Halikids.

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Iron Man 3 Toys Bring All The Kids To Yard


Well this has been a post in the making for three weeks. Why? Well we can thank FedEx but let’s not focus on the negative.

The fine folks at Hasbro let the Like A Dad family choose three cool new toys to try out based on the latest release of the Iron Man movie chain.

Now, I saw the movie last week, so it is almost ideal that the toys came after the fact.

I also wish there was a way to put into words how over the moon our 3-year old son is with the toys. He loves, loves, loves them.

As for what our 7-month old thinks? Well the flashing lights were interesting for a minute but as soon as he figured out the toys were not edible, he did not care.

So what did Hasbro send up our way?

The three toys that Harrison picked out were:

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Review: Hasbro’s KRE-O Star Trek Line Beams Me Up


The latest blockbuster movie to hit the big screen is Star Trek Into Darkness and with any movie of that size, you know there will be cool toys for the dads, I mean kids.

Hasbro has been kind enough to send us three toys from their  new KRE-O Star Trek line. The exciting new group of toys includes KRE-O building sets and KREON figures based on J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek franchise.

The package that came in the mail was pretty big, so the excitement shot through the house pretty fast. And that was just me. My boys are not old enough to play with this kind of lego, so it worked out that they are away with their mother. That will give me time to build each ship before they get home.

The three that were sent to me were:

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