Day 3: Following A Routine Is Key

like a dadGood day parental travelers, how are you doing? I just finished watching the latest episode of The Following and figured it should play into the title of today’s post. No, this is nothing to do with a cult or Kevin Bacon, the following I am referring to is following a routine with your kid and sticking to it at all costs.

Today is Day 3 of many and I would have to say I have adjusted nicely to being home instead of the office. I still have a lot of anxiety about getting stuff done, but I am working on it.

Today is just one boy, the baby. So that makes it a little easier to handle. Sadly for the adults in the house, our other kiddie was wide awake before 6 am so it has felt like a long day so far.

I have managed to: clean my desk area, clean the cat box, put out the garbage, do Harry’s laundry and tidy up the kitchen and living room. Yes, yes I have been taking care of Charlie as well.