The Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller Is Life Changing


A stroller? Life changing?

No I am not exaggerating. We had our lives changed for the better thanks to a new stroller.

The Chicco ACTIV3™ jogging stroller (Snapdragon) is the ideal combination of a stylish everyday stroller and a fitness jogger.

Before I go on with the review, here are the early returns before even fully trying it out.

Dad – I don’t have to crouch anymore.

Mom – It is beautiful.

Nana – The thing is amazing. So smooth.

The toddler – Weeeeeeeeeeee

The big brother – Wow, where did we get it!

Yes, the stroller is the Rolls Royce of strollers I would have to say. Or maybe it is because went from a broken down umbrella stroller to the Chicco version.

Our only wish, is that our youngest son was not already two, so we could get a lot more use out of it.

We are not runners by any stretch, so maybe we would not of looked at this stroller in the store. But thanks to the kind people at Chicco, we have had the opportunity to test one out. I don’t think we could go back to anything else.

Living in Toronto, you try your best to avoid using the car. Thankfully, most things you need to do are close enough to walk or bike.

I was home with our two boys all summer and the tiny umbrella stroller was key to all of our trips. Being a tall dad (6’5). I always would have to bend, crouch and trip over the wheels. I am sure it was funny to see me pushing it.

I was so excited at the idea of reviewing The Chicco ACTIV3™ jogging stroller, I was checking the mail daily to see if it had come.

The timing could not have been better. We just moved to a part of Toronto where not only do you need a top quality stroller for the hills, but for the status as well. I now hold my head up high as I push my son down some of the trendiest streets of the city.

On to the review….