Own The Mornings One #Spoondrop At A Time


Mornings can be tough for everyone. But when you add kids to the mix, things get really hairy. Going from slamming the snooze to getting out the door on time can rival the hardest challenges you see on Survivor. You don’t just have to worry about yourself, you have to manage a perfectly executed assault for multiple people.

If you don’t? Breakfast is not eaten, teeth are left dirty and permission sheets are once again forgotten. Let’s not even talk about having the brain power to think about what is for dinner in 9 hours. It’s controlled madness in our house. Little talking, lots of doing.

We have it down to a science for the most part, but has always the one variable that can throw it all out of whack are the kids.

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He’s Got 99 Mood Swings, The Bath Fixed None

Tonight was my bath night with the 3-year old. Normally a joyour occasion full of soap, laughing and the occasional tub fart.

This night however was not one of those joyous ones.

Already a tired tantrum going on as the water ran, it took every trick in the dad toobox to get him in the bath on this night. Screaming, trying to talk while having no breath, snot, so much snot and I did not even have the soap out. It was a quick bath. Basically enough to justify even running the water.

Not even a warm towel hug helped out. No this was a mega tired tantrum. So what did I resort to in order to change the landscape of bedtime.

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