A Change In The Force Is Coming

He sure does not look like a happy morning napper eh?

Charlie, I am your father. Please, don’t stop napping in the morning just yet. Stay on the dark side (meaning your room).

Yes, there’s change coming for this dad on parental leave. Slowly and surely, our baby boy, is starting to not enjoy or want his morning nap.

That has me cowering in the corner, daydreaming about having quiet breakfasts and having some time to myself each morning.

Charlie has never been as good a sleeper as our first boy. Hell, Harry still has a solid two hour nap each day and he is almost four. Yes, he loves and needs sleep.

Charlie, well he seems to enjoy being up a lot more.

Over the last few weeks, the morning nap, which is usually around two hours, has been becoming shorter and shorter. He does not go to sleep easy and fights it with all his might. Finally he crashes and sleeps for 45 minutes.

My wife has opened my eyes to the realization that his morning naps may be coming to an end.


Angry Birds Star Wars Review



Do you play Angry Birds? I bet you do even if you don’t want to admit it. The simple game that we all have on our phone is taking over the world, one exploding bird at a time.

So it is with no surprise that the Angry Bird people decided to merge with one of the biggest toy franchises ever – Star Wars, to make an unstoppable force known as Angry Birds Star Wars.

As a dad blogger, I have been given the chance to review some toys and other products from Hasbro. It is very exciting and to be honest, I could not be cooler in the eyes of our three-year old son.

Yesterday the UPS truck pulled up and basically shut down our house. We had to open that box right away. I knew what it was, but my son did not. He looked like it was Christmas all over again.

Inside were three items, all from Hasbro and all Angry Birds Star Wars related.