Help, We Have A Two-Hour Charlie

For those of you who watched Lost, do you remember Desmond and the code he had to enter every hour or so, or something bad would happen? Watching him panic when the countdown was on. Well what if the computer was a baby and you could not stop the countdown every two hours?

That is our life right now.

Yep, our four-month old, Charlie, is on a very strict, I need to eat every two hours or I will freak out like Frank Ocean.

We thought it was a growth spurt, but it has been going on for weeks and we are now at a crossroads of what to do next.

The back story is, he was sleeping through the night just fine for over a week, so we decided it was time to upgrade to the crib. Since, I don’t think he has slept longer than four hours at a time in the new digs.

Then over the last week, he can’t seem to go more than two hours without wanting to eat.

So now we are trying to figure out:

  • Is he really hungry?
  • Does he not like the crib?
  • Is he not ready for the crib?
  • Does he just need more food ie. formula?
  • Are we going to survive a mental breakdown from lack of sleep?