Today Is My Last Day Of Work

Michael CusdenNo, I did not retire in my 30’s, win the lottery or just decide to become a recluse – today is my last day of work because I am starting parental leave next week.

For 27 weeks I will be the parent on duty during the day while my wife heads back to work.

Why on earth am I doing this? Because I want to.

So today is my last eight hours of working for the man so to speak. Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy my job as a marketer at SimplyCast. The office is fun and I get to do what I do best – write stuff.

But this stay home dad thing has been something I have wanted to do ever since we had our first boy.

It is not a vacation, a break, a rest, a chance to take it easy or any of the many other terms people use when you say you are going on parental leave. It is honest-to-god, hard ass work and for all the parents who do it – my hat goes off to you.

Working in an office all day, sitting in a chair typing is not hard compared to what is in store. But it will also be 27 weeks of fun, learning, laughs, naps, tears, poop, crying and growth. That is not even referring to the baby.

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