To Go, Or Not To Go? When The Sickness Strikes


After a week like our family just had, the title above has so many meanings behind it. You see, our household was struck down with the sickness over the past several days. The sickness that hops from belly to belly and does not stop until everyone has had it.

It started last Friday night in the evening with Harry, then it moved to Charlie, then in moved to Katie, and finally it got to me. I did my best to avoid it, but when you are the one on cleanup detail, how are you supposed to hide?

That meant every day turned into, making the tough call on who was going to school and work and who wasn’t. It’s always hard for parents to make this choice. While on one hand, it’s your kids and if they are sick, they stay home. But then all the other factors weigh heavily on your brain. Can I work from home? What will I miss at work? But we were supposed to do thing A or thing B today. Will Harry fall behind on his Kumon? What the hell are we going to do all day sitting at home being miserable?

Monday we all toughed it out. This was where Katie and I thought we were going to miss out. The boys just had a quick weekend bug right? Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I got called Monday afternoon at work. Charlie was down for the count, just lying on the floor at daycare under a blanket. Okay, he made it almost all day, not bad.