Day 46: Never Run With A Sucker In Your Mouth


Another beauty of a day in Halifax today. Glad it worked out because we had the car and it was adventure Wednesday. The plan was to go to a new park and possibly a new playground. Well the first worked out. I took the boys to Shubie Park in Dartmouth. Now, we have been there before (at least with Harrison), but that was a long time ago. The weather was ideal. We took lots of photos, sat on a lot of benches and saw a lot of ducks. We even saw a giant dog swimming after ducks and a mom taking pictures of her nude toddler wading in the water (in a non swimming area of the park). Hey, if that is what they do in Dartmouth, more power to them.

Of course and outing like that tired out both boys making it an easy afternoon for naps. I was able to get some writing done and catch up on other blog duties, mainly for Cuzoogle. Those hosting companies, they like to get paid.

Enough about boring blog stories, let’s move on to the rest of Day 46 on the PL.