Toronto Move Stories – A Suitcase With Value

2014-05-13 12.18.03

We have been in Toronto for almost two weeks and I am just now starting to get into a groove. The boys are settled into their routine and that means I have some time again to write in the afternoon. I was thinking to myself that our move from Halifax to Toronto went pretty smooth, but there were some great stories to share.

So that is what I will be doing over the next little while. Catching you up on the whole move, the packing, the road trip, how the boys did and of course how we are fitting in back in Toronto.

The first story I need to share was almost a horrible situation (mostly for me) and it occurred before we even started the drive.

We needed to pack up our house for movers on the 13th. They were coming early, so we had to be ready. For two days Katie and I were going non stop. Tired, hot, annoyed, stressed and 27 other feelings. It was a big job and it never seemed like we were getting anywhere.

Katie had a helpful plan of attack for packing. It was pretty simple. There were three piles.