Toronto Move Stories – Three Days in the Car With Kids

2014-05-16 13.38.20

Traveling with children under five can be hard. But if you are prepared and have some luck, you can get through it without too much pain.

We have driven to Boston before and to Ontario before with one kid. Harrison did great on those trips. The first one he was in diapers, so it was easy to keep rolling down the highway. The second time there were many more stops as Harrison just started toilet training, but it all worked out.

This trip, it was going to be three days in the car with two boys. One four, one 18 months. There would be pit stops, hotel stops, sanity stops, a lot of snacks and hopefully a lot of naps.

Charlie has only been in the car for three hours at most for one trip, so we did not know what to expect. Spoiler alert, he was amazing.

We left Halifax on Wednesday morning with the goal of being in Toronto by Friday afternoon.