Unexpected Parenting Advice: Francis Underwood

There are so many memorable quotes from television and movies.

Many of these great quotes have nothing to do with parenting. So what if the context was changed? We thought it would be fun to take some quotes from some of today’s top fictional characters and spin them into parenting advice. Make sense?

Even better when the character does not have children or even like them for that matter.

Here is Francis Underwood from House of Cards, dishing out some unexpected parenting advice for us all.

What Dad Phrases Do You Catch Yourself Saying?

We always make fun of the phrases our parents say while we are growing up. You know the ones – I had to walk 10 miles to school in the snow and up hill both ways etc.

As a kid and teenager, you could not imagine using those same phrases and sayings any time in your life.

Then you become a parent and just as if it were nature working its magic, you start to say them to your kids.

I did some extensive research (Google) to find some of the best phrases and sayings that dads use every day.

Take a look. What ones do you say that you would have laughed at your dad for saying?