Halifax Playgrounds: Seaview Memorial Park


Every Wednesday, I get the car. That means I need to take advantage of the car and the weather. With two boys ready to play, there is nothing better than going on an adventure to a different park of Halifax.

Due to the short week because of Natal Day, Wednesday came a little quicker than normal and I did not really have a plan.

I woke up today, still without a plan. The weather was going to be ideal and I needed a place to go.

Well Facebook provided me inspiration.

10 Of The Best Playgrounds Halifax Has To Offer


When you have children of any age, one important list you need in your head is where the best local playgrounds are. Playgrounds are a staple for any parent because they give you a chance to get outside and of course, tire out your kids.

We live in Clayton Park in Halifax. There are numerous little playgrounds within walking distance to our house. They are ideal because they are usually empty which gives our boys free run of the place.

But a few swings and a slide just don’t cut it all the time.

So, when we have access to the car, we do our best to venture out into the city to go to some of the biggest and best playgrounds in Halifax and surrounding areas. We also like to go on adventures and find new playgrounds to enjoy.

Of course, having a parenting blog that focuses on Halifax, I decided it was time to start unloading the big list in my head and share it with the other parents who may not know about such wonderful places to play.

Before I list of these playgrounds, I want to add, that these are our 10 favourites. So if I leave one off the list, that is only because we have either not been there yet, or our kids did not like it when we went.

This is also a chance for those living in HRM to help compile a master list in the comments. The goal here is to make the best resource possible for parents to access when looking for a playground.

So here goes.