Grilled Pizza On The Big Green Egg


When grilling, smoking or barbecuing on the Big Green Egg, meat is usually the way to go. Tasty dishes like beer can chicken, chicken thighs, ribs and steak are all great choices. But what about other options to feed a hungry crowd?

How about grilled pizza? Yes please.

This past weekend we had some friends over and I wanted to try out the new pizza stone I got for my birthday. So, the wife and I teamed up to make homemade grilled pizza on the Big Green Egg.

The plan was my wife would take care of the pizza dough and the homemade sauce and I would take care of the grilling. I was pretty excited as the one fun part of grilling pizza on the Egg is that you get to ramp the heat up to over 600 F. This helps to replicate what a brick oven would do and make it feel like you were eating at a fancy pizza joint.

Now this was the first time for us making homemade pizza dough and cooking pizza like this. So, we were hoping that it would all turn out.