Top 5 Things Every New Dad Has To Know

Being a new dad can be stressful and confusing. No matter how many books you say you read or how many times to heard your wife tell you something, it does not become real until you see that little gooey head pop out.

Then, you wish you had prepared more, like making sure the DVR was properly tricked out with your show schedule.

I have been a new dad twice and yes the second time, is much easier but you still have a few things you need to remember from the things you needed to know the first time around.

I want to share some of those with all the guys out there who are about to become a new dad. Don’t roll you eyes or say to yourself, not in my house, because it is intel like this that will help you survive the many battles ahead.

This list only deals with the first month or so. I can’t even pretend to comment on what happens after the age of three.

Want to learn about that? There’s a dad for that.

So back to the list.

Top 5 Things Every New Dad Has To Know

Here are 5 things every new dad has to know, to not only be a good dad, but to not end up being road kill on the parenting superhighway.