Day 5: Giant Giraffes And A Whole Can Of SpongeBobs

like a dad

Well in a few more hours, I can officially say that one week of parental leave will be in the books. How has it been so far? Pretty great.

I am still figuring a few things out, trying to accept that everything does not have to get done and trying to relax a little more. I will get there.

On a side note, you might be wondering why this is Day 5? I am not counting weekend days as part of my leave, as my wife is home to help and really, it is not part of it.

Back to business.

Today was my first Monday since last week was a holiday. The day started early, just before 5 am, with Charlie doing  A LOT of sleep kicking. That is his new thing. Kicking the sides of his crib while still asleep. I was awake, knowing it was only a matter of time before he actually woke up. That was just after 5 am. The good news, I managed to change him and get him downstairs to the couch and back to sleep without the help of a bottle.