White Point Beach Resort – Ideal For Vacationing With Kids


Have you heard of White Point Beach Resort? If you live in Nova Scotia, you sure have. It is a treasure that is a must for everyone to visit one day.

The resort is a beautiful place located on the south shore of Nova Scotia, right on the Atlantic Ocean.

It is the perfect place for weddings, company events, beach outings and of course vacations.

But what about if you are vacationing with kids?

No problem, it is the perfect place to go for both the parents and the kids.

We ended the summer of 2013 there over the long weekend and had a blast. The rebuilt main lodge was amazing, the staff was top-notch and our accommodations were unbelievable.

Catching You Up On The Story – Like A Dad

So, who is behind this new venture – Like A Dad? Why is it happening? Why does the world need yet another blog?

Well, the answer is me. My name is Michael and on the web I go by Cuzzy. I have been blogging and learning about online marketing etc. for over 6 years now. I certainly was not a natural and I did not think I would end up doing it. I was a TV guy through school and for the first several years after. I thought I would work in television forever. But life changes and you have to roll with it.

Of course with the subject of the blog, I am a dad. I have been a dad for over 3 years now and it is the best thing ever. I have two boys who keep me learning, laughing and tired all the time. But I would not trade it for anything.

I always pictured myself as a dad and could not be happier the way it has turned out.

In our house there is a happy 3 year old and a happy 2 month old. They will be the stars of this blog going forward. They provide the cute factor, the research, the laughs and most importantly the experiences that I get to share with you. I know there are thousands of other blogs out there doing the same thing, but whatever, everyone has a story to tell.