Alley Life – Business In The Front, Party In The Back

For those that know us well, you have probably heard about or experienced our “interesting” neighbours wherever we have lived. From loud dance parties, drunk people passed out, those who don’t understand cleanliness and finally, large families just being WAY TOO LOUD. Yes we have experienced quite the range.

We were starting to wonder when we would finally have neighbours who were friendly, respectful and crazy enough, people who we would consider friends.

In Halifax, we never got to know our neighbours beyond front yard pleasantries. I was not sure if it was being in the suburbs, different family backgrounds or maybe they were just afraid of us? I like to think of us as social people, but hey, maybe not.

So, when we moved back to Toronto it was refreshing when we stayed at my in-laws place for a few months, because the neighbours already knew us.

Then it came time to move out on our own again. Time to roll the dice with new neighbours. You never know what you are going to get, especially when you go into a rental unit. All we were hoping for was a few kids on the street for the boys to possibly get to know. Well, we scored.

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