The Importance of Dads

This is a guest post by Ashley Hardway

There is nothing quite like the love of a dad. Mom’s love is so comforting and nurturing and lets us know we are loved unconditionally. The two loves are hard to compare and are equal in their importance. So many times today we see children left with only one parent and generally it is the mom. The importance of dads and the benefit of having them in children’s lives cannot be replaced by any other love.

In no way am I trying to discount the position or importance of a mother in a child’s life. Mom cannot be replaced any more than dad. So many mothers today are trying to take over the role of mom and dad because of absentee fathers and that is an impossible thing. Women are just not able to be men no matter how hard they try. Dads give us a sense of security and of strength and safety that is so much needed in the world today.

Please Work On Those Please And Thank You’s, Thank You

Ah manners, a lot of people have them and a lot of people don’t. So where does it all begin? Well, I would say, as a kid.

The sooner and mom and dad can teach their kids that saying please and thank you is the right thing to do, the sooner it will stick.

Pre school does their best to enforce it but really it has to come from home. If mom and dad don’t do it, why would a kid ever do it.

Our 3-year old is going through the learning of this. He gets what it means and understands that he should do it, but it is not always top of mind. I mean their brain has much more fun stuff going on. How can you remember to say thank you when you just got a new toy or your favourite food. Yes, it is hard.