Medieval Times Review & Contest

medieval times

Want to experience some good times with the family? Have you visited Medieval Times in Toronto yet? Recently I had the opportunity to take my family back to a time where Knights ruled the land and you only ate food with your hands.

My first memory of Medieval Times (like many of you), came from the movie, The Cable Guy. You go and enjoy a dinner theatre of live performances like it would have been back in Medieval Times (go figure right).

While enjoying a 4-course meal, you get to watch various battles between knights using swords and other weapons you are likely to see on any Episode of Game of Thrones.

For a few hours, you are taken back to a time when Kings called the shots and glory was earned on the battle field.

For us the experience was like nothing we had seen before. Well, sorry, my wife went many years ago, but for myself and the kids it was all brand new.

From flying falcons, to beautiful stallions, the evening had something for everyone.