Hopping On The Magic School Bus With My Kids

Earlier this month I wrote about all the cartoons I want to share with my kids one day. They included a lot of classics like Transformers, He-Man and Scooby Doo. Those cartoons were listed in a Netflix survey of dads around the world.

Another Netflix reboot I have already shared with my kids is one I remember as a kid. The Magic School Bus. It was one of the first cartoons I remember as being “schooly” or educational. It was like the movie Innerspace. The kids shrink and go on a Magic School bus to solve a scientific mystery. They travel into the digestive system and back in time to see the Dinosaurs.

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Day 48: Riding The Magic School Bus

The PL stands for Parental Leave, which I am currently doing for six months.

Monday, Monday, why did you come so darn fast. The weekend was a blitz. Today felt long and I even had moments of feeling like I was losing it. My patience was running thin and thankfully I made it until Katie got home. It was a tiring day on the PL. Charlie had me up before 6 am and then there was little chance to recover as both boys were not that into napping. At least the Magic School Bus kept things calm for a bit. The weather was sunny for the most part and that made for a lot of outside time. It must have worked because once the boys were put to bed, they were not heard from again.

A new week on the PL, here is Day 48

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