Building March Break Fun With LEGO

Dad, we never got to play with LEGO today.

We hear that a lot in our house, usually when there is only a few minutes until bedtime.

There never seems to be enough time in day to do everything you want, even when you are a kid. But, then it was March break and things got less busy and there was plenty of time for LEGO.

Also, with brilliant timing, Netflix sent us a box of goodies to help make March break even more fun. Oh, guess what, there was LEGO inside the magic box. Perfect.

Our boys are three and six, and while I think LEGO has gotten a little complicated for little hands, they love it nonetheless.


LEGO Dimensions Hits Sept. 27

Mark September 27th down on your calendars. A very cool video game is coming that dads, I mean kids, are going to want. LEGO Dimensions. [embedplusvideo height="283" width="450" editlink="" standard=""…

My Weekend Without The Boys

Tuesday morning. Everything back to normal. We all survived the May long weekend. My wife took the boys to Toronto for what was to be a girl’s weekend/visit with Nana/work trip. Just the thought of everything my wife was going to do once I dropped them off at the airport made me tired.

While she was being supermom, I was going to be at home, by myself. Did not seem fair. I was going to get to sleep in, have relaxing time and take care of few chores that have been piling up.

The obvious downside for me was I would not get to spend time with the family on a weekend that is traditionally that unofficial start to summer.

Well, not in Halifax it wasn’t.

The weather was more like November. Frost warnings, cold rain and I even had to turn the heat back on. Meanwhile in Toronto it was warm enough for shorts.

So what did I get up to with all my free time? Well I had a list and I am happy to admit that I pretty much cleared it out.


Building Legos – Like A Dad

We picked up some large Lego for our 3-year old yesterday because his new love is building stuff. The box of Jenga pieces we gave him a few weeks ago was not cutting it anymore.

Ever since getting home, it has been endless building for over a day now. Yes it was fun initially, but constant building can get boring when you are a dad. But not the boy. He could build, eat, sleep and build again.

So far we have built what he would like to call a police station, construction year, hospital and school.

This morning, we had to get creative to keep the fun alive. So we combined the Lego with the Jenga and whatever else we could find to make a multi-garage super creation.