Video: First Look at Episode 1 of HitRECord On TV

Hey the guy from Third Rock From the Sun has a another TV show.

HITRECORD ON TV is an extension of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s popular open-collaborative production company hitRECord. The show’s unique take on the variety show format puts the spotlight on the final product after Gordon-Levitt and his team culls these individual pieces from hundreds of contributors to create short films, live performances, music, animation and more.

Pivot’s goal with “HitRECord on TV!” was to reinvent the variety show, a genre Gordon-Levitt is passionate about. “I love variety, I like performing live … I grew up on ‘Third Rock From The Sun’ performing live for big laughs … Let’s just do a whole bunch of really fun shit.”

I like the way the guy thinks. Enough singing already, let’s have some fun.