Day 37: Forgot To Say Farewell To An Old Friend – The Swing

day36-1Last night was one of this mid-week nights when you just feel drained and the last thing you want to do is sit down at the computer. Yep, that sounds like a Wednesday on the PL.

So this morning, I am playing catch up for the dedicated readers who actually are interested in the day-to-day over here. Thanks by the way.

Before I go ahead with Day 37, I want to give a proper farewell to an old friend that I forgot to mention on Tuesday.

Charlie said so long to the swing that he has been having naps in for the last several months. Not only was he pretty much not fitting in it anymore, it was time to take back the living room.

For so long now, we have been tip-toeing around and shutting down the house when he napped in the swing. We knew it was automatic, so we rode that horse as long as we could.

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Day 35: A Return To Normal

day35-1With a holiday in Canada yesterday, I was not working the PL shift. The family got back in town yesterday afternoon and we slowly moved back into normal mode.

Today was the start of a new week and that meant school for Harry. We could not figure out if he was excited or not after an extra long weekend in Toronto. He said he wanted to go and then would turn around and say he wanted to stay home. Tough, he was going.

I was home with Mr. tired baby boy. Today was probably the easiest day as a parent ever. He slept most of the day recovering from his first trip out of province.

He slept for two hours after breakfast and then almost five hours after lunch.

So what did I do with all that time? I did some blogging, some other work on the computer, played with new Iron Man toys and prepped for a smokey dinner on the Big Green Egg.

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My Weekend Without The Boys

Tuesday morning. Everything back to normal. We all survived the May long weekend. My wife took the boys to Toronto for what was to be a girl’s weekend/visit with Nana/work trip. Just the thought of everything my wife was going to do once I dropped them off at the airport made me tired.

While she was being supermom, I was going to be at home, by myself. Did not seem fair. I was going to get to sleep in, have relaxing time and take care of few chores that have been piling up.

The obvious downside for me was I would not get to spend time with the family on a weekend that is traditionally that unofficial start to summer.

Well, not in Halifax it wasn’t.

The weather was more like November. Frost warnings, cold rain and I even had to turn the heat back on. Meanwhile in Toronto it was warm enough for shorts.

So what did I get up to with all my free time? Well I had a list and I am happy to admit that I pretty much cleared it out.

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