Day 38: A New Format For The Daily Dish


Well I am supposed to be sharing with you what I did on Friday. Seems like so long ago right? Well when you are on the PL, you get behind due to kids, being tired and all around disinterest with sitting at the computer.

I have been doing the daily posts for over 30 days now and have started to wonder if people find them boring? I mean, it is just 300-400 words on what I did that day. Nothing exciting for most. Short of my wife and family, not many will feel like they need to read the post every day.

Now if the boys and I do something fun and out of the ordinary, that is worth it. But for most days, it is just a list of changing diapers, making lunch and how I fill the time while the boys sleep.

So, I am going to combine two formats and make a new daily post format.