Day 29: Trying To Remember What Happened On Friday

The problem when you sit down to write a post two days later is, you can’t remember what happened. Or at least when you are a tired parent. Friday seems like a week ago with everything we have done this weekend.

Now that the family is napping and the rain is streaming down, I can finally catch up on what was Day 29 and a little bit of the weekend adventures.

Friday started out with another dry morning for Harrison. Way to go dude. It is so special to wake up, here his feet scamper down the hall, pause and here a long pee. Yep, his brain and body are holding it all night.

Friday morning was not the best weather so Charlie and I took it pretty easy. We went for a walk with the goal being to get to the mail box.

Success. The best part, our new passports came. So we are ready to travel now.

Man, I can’t think of anything.

Oh yeah, we had fun with the jolly jumper for a bit.